I am Pastor Jeff, Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church In Dayton Washington
We are gathered together to first praise and thank God: Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in worship. We are also gathered to help one another in our lives and specifically in our Christian walk. We strive to follow Jesus in this. As Jesus did we lift people up. In all people there is so much good to lift up and cherish. We listen, care, forgive and call one another forward in hope and growth as Jesus does. We strengthen each other through sharing what we learn in discipleship through prayer, by being for each other in action and in presence. We cannot do everything but we can practice "the art of doing nothing" yet doing everything by standing and being with one another in daily life and in crisis. As Jesus is with and for each of us personally and indidually we too strive to personally and individually love, cherish and strive forward together.

Join Us in love and discipleship.

Shalom Pastor Jeff